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Duck Dodgers Guide to Beating All Bosses


Hassan- the first planet boss Hassan's Palace

When you enter the room the has words on the screen saying Hassan's Battle you are there and ready.  When he comes at you with his sword dodge it until he pants for breath then run up to him and Kick him using the B button on the N64 Controller.
 Do this until he runs out of power which is shown on the lower right corner of the screen.  Yours is on the lower left corner of the screen.  If you have any more questions e-mail me at

Rocky- second planet boss Rocky's Warehouse

Do almost exactly the same with Hassan only you dodge Rocky until he stops chasing you.  Then you jump on his head then do a stomp on his head by pushing A button then Z button or A then B button he will lose more power the more you do it. Do this until he drops to the ground unconsious!

The Rock- third planet boss The Secret Cave Tunnels

The Rock is a huge stone which bounces funny to get you.  You dodge him and the falling floors.  When the floors fall you run to the one which is brightest.  You stand on there for a while until the rock loses more power until he breaks apart.

I shall have other guides soon!