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Duck Dodgers Nintendo 64 Game Characters!

Duck Dodgers
The main character in the game which you are controlling.  The super hero who is on a mission to save the Earth.

Porky Pig
The young space cadet Duck Dodgers has brought along as his assistant.  You cannot play as Porky in the game!

Marvin the Martian
The sly one who plots to blow up the Earth and dispose of Duck Dodgers and Porky Pig.

Yosamite Sam
A boss on the pirate planet who plans to rid himself of Duck Dodgers

Instant Martians
Pesky little martian's who can follow Duck Dodgers all around Planet X!

A Boss in the second world who is told by Marvin to stop Duck Dodgers!

The Boss in the first world who has a curved sword which he intends to chop up Duck Dodgers.

Elmer Fudd
He is part of the Pirate Planet in his spaceship which contain 3 atoms to find.